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Wow this is dope! Good job man!
you could always sing yourself you know, because honestly you're a great singer from what I've heard :]

TenodiBoris responds:

Thank you Benji, all that sidechaine is thanks to you XD

Woah that's siiick!

Quarl responds:

Thank you Benji, the five stars you have given me will help me get through this winter. I will air seal them, toss them in a freezer, and survive off their sustenance when it becomes too dangerous to make the long trek through snow and forest back to civilization. While everyone one else is buying fresh stars from the local market, I will have the stars you have given me. I will thaw them out and mix them into my scrambled eggs. I will turn to my fiance and say "Benji-G gave us these stars. We owe him our lives..."

You have no idea how much this means to me.

oh fuck yeah

woah this is sick!

Aster responds:

I know right?

woaw that's awesome

X3LL3N responds:

Thanks !

Wow this is awesome!

This is really nice! I think you did a great job with the overall mood in this one. I love the choice of instruments, as they really work well together to create a really nice atmosphere.
I also love how there's always something new in each part, which keeps my interest all the way to the end. Also, 2:37 is absolutely fantastic. The way those chords come in is just wonderful. It sounds very rich.
The only thing I could see being improved are the low piano chords. Putting chords that low makes it sound kinda muddy. That's just my opinion though, not necessarily a bad thing.
I think you did a really great job with this one! Keep it up man! :]

awesome stuff

dude this is amazing

Woah, this is awesome. I love that intro with new instruments coming in one by one like that.
The kick which comes in at 00:40 could be turned up a little bit because it's kinda quiet (imo).
You also have the same melody throughout the whole song, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to have, but it would be cool to see some changes in the melody and chords in the second half of the song, because it does get kinda repetitive.
Another thing, imo, an extra ten seconds to wind it down wouldn't hurt, or to maybe offer the ending a little more finality.
But yeah, this song is sick and I love the instruments and the overall vibe. Good luck in the contest! :]

ChordsInMotion responds:

I agree with everything you said, thanks for the feedback, and gl to you as well! :D

Here’s my spotify :]

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